Sunday, July 1, 2007


Monkey : Journey To The West is a dazzling circus opera for the 21st century, based on an ancient Chinese legend, reworked as sheer spectacle involving over 40 Chinese circus acrobats, Chinese vocalists and performing martial artists.

For centuries the epic tale of the Monkey King's journey of enlightenment has been an omnipresent part of Chinese culture, delighting young and old with the heady mix of adventure, mystery and magic.

Now East meets West in this new production, which has been adapted and directed by Chen Shi-Zheng whose credits range from Chinese opera and theatre to the Hollywood movie Dark Matter, starring Meryl Streep.

The music is composed by Damon Albarn and the design and animation by Jamie Hewlett, the artists behind award-winning virtual band Gorillaz. Monkey: Journey to the West reinvents the legend as a thrilling combination of music and action.

Gorillaz recommend Monkey : Journey To The West - check out the Monkey myspace by clicking here:-

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