Monday, June 30, 2008

Insecure Magazine - July

If you want to read some articles and news about Security, you can choose Insecure Magazine, a free magazine.

Goodbye, GUI: Thirty Days of Command Line

A modern teenager tries something radically different by doing all the normal internet functions: social networking, music, programming, AIM/MSN/Yahoo, IRC, all through nothing but a Linux command line. And he's doing it for 30 days. No GUIS. At all. [Read more...](

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008

End Titles... from UNKLE

This summer sees the return of UNKLE, as they release 'End Titles… Stories for Film', a collection of eclectic recordings from UNKLE and various collaborators that were inspired by the moving image in the last two years since War Stories.

End Titles... Stories for Film

1. End Titles
2. Cut Me Loose (feat. Gavin Clark)
3. Ghosts
4. Ghosts (String Reprise)
5. Kaned and Abel
6. Blade in the Back (feat. Gavin Clark)
7. Synthetic Water
8. Chemical (feat. Josh Homme)
9. Nocturnal (feat. Chriss Goss, James Petralli and Robbie Furze)
10. Cut Me Loose (String Reprise)
11. Against the Grain (feat. Gavin Clark)
12. Even Balance
13. Trouble in Paradise (Variation on a Theme)
14. Can't Hurt (feat. Gavin Clark and Joel Cadbury)
15. 24 Frams
16. In a Broken Dream
17. Clouds (feat. Black Mountain)
18. Black Mass
19. Open Up Your Eyes (feat. Abel Ferrara)
20. Romeo Void
21. Heaven (feat. Gavin Clark)
22. The Piano Echoes

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Music & Book

Radiohead - Best Of Album

1. Just
2. Paranoid Android
3. Karma Police
4. Creep
5. No Surprises
6. High and Dry
7. My Iron Lung
8. There There
9. Lucky
10. Optimistic
11. Fake Plastic Trees
12. Idioteque
13. 2 + 2 = 5
14. The Bends
15. Pyramid Song
16. Street Spirit (Fade Out)
17. Everything In Its Right Place

Disc Two

1. Airbag
2. I Might Be Wrong
3. Go To Sleep
4. Let Down
5. Planet Telex
6. Exit Music (For a Film)
7. The National Anthem
8. Knives Out
9. Talk Show Host
10. You
11. Anyone Can Play Guitar
12. How To Disappear Completely
13. True Love Waits (Recorded Live In Oslo)

PS: If you notice on the track list don't exist any music from the album "In Rainbows" ... curious.... (It's beacause the contract with Parlaphone) But is always good to remember... Coliseu De Lisboa ... 23-07-02 - I will never forget this Concert...

Sigur Rós - Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust

01. Gobbledigook
02. Inní mér syngur vitleysingur
03. Góðan daginn
04. Við spilum endalaust
05. Festival
06. Suð í eyrum
07. Ára bátur
08. Illgresi
09. Fljótavík
10. Straumnes
11. All Alright

PS: FANTASTIC... i don't have more words to say....


According to Tapscott, Wikinomics is based on four ideas: Openness, Peering, Sharing, and Acting Globally. The use of mass collaboration in a business environment, in recent history, can be seen as an extension of the trend in business to outsorce: externalize formerly internal business functions to other business entities.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wine Projects - First Release

Today, after 15 years of development, they have finally released Wine 1.0.
Congratulations to the Wine Developers...

Starting SSH Connections simply with SSHMenu

SSHMenu adds a button to your GNOME panel that displays a configurable drop-down list of hosts that you have might like to connect to with SSH.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Linux captures the "green" flag

Linux captures the "green" flag, beats Windows 2008 power-saving measures. Independent tests show that Red Hat Linux pull as much as 12% less power than Windows 2008 on identical hardware.

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