Thursday, June 26, 2008

End Titles... from UNKLE

This summer sees the return of UNKLE, as they release 'End Titles… Stories for Film', a collection of eclectic recordings from UNKLE and various collaborators that were inspired by the moving image in the last two years since War Stories.

End Titles... Stories for Film

1. End Titles
2. Cut Me Loose (feat. Gavin Clark)
3. Ghosts
4. Ghosts (String Reprise)
5. Kaned and Abel
6. Blade in the Back (feat. Gavin Clark)
7. Synthetic Water
8. Chemical (feat. Josh Homme)
9. Nocturnal (feat. Chriss Goss, James Petralli and Robbie Furze)
10. Cut Me Loose (String Reprise)
11. Against the Grain (feat. Gavin Clark)
12. Even Balance
13. Trouble in Paradise (Variation on a Theme)
14. Can't Hurt (feat. Gavin Clark and Joel Cadbury)
15. 24 Frams
16. In a Broken Dream
17. Clouds (feat. Black Mountain)
18. Black Mass
19. Open Up Your Eyes (feat. Abel Ferrara)
20. Romeo Void
21. Heaven (feat. Gavin Clark)
22. The Piano Echoes

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