Friday, November 12, 2010

Thunar Actions

Thunar is a new modern file manager for the Xfce Desktop Environment. Thunar has been designed from the ground up to be fast and easy-to-use.

Here’s how you can define a new custom action. We will be working with the script used in:

Create the following directory: mkdir ~/.config/Thunar/scripts
Copy and change the permissions of the script "flac_mp3": chmod +x ~/.config/Thunar/scripts/flac_mp3

Now, it's time to create a "Custom Action" on Thunar. Like the screen shoots below:

Name: flac2mp3
Description: Convert flac to mp3
Command: /home/jpatrao/.config/Thunar/scripts/flac_mp3

And select OK. (Tip: Check out the separator Appearance Condition)

Testing: You will see something like this when right-clicking on a flac file:

In your folder you will see a new file mp3, and it's it.

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